Tree Felling / Removal

We carry out all types of tree removal, whether it needs to be climbed and systematically dismantled or whether the tree can be straight felled, we can suite the method the situation.

Crown Reduction and Reshaping BeforeCrown Reduction and Reshaping After

Crown Reduction and Reshaping

This is a time consuming and technical element of tree work requiring talent to be able to read the branch structure of the tree to create a reduced version of the original crown.  Instances when this may be required include reducing weight on heavy limbs, or balancing out mis-shaped trees or to prevent obstruction to buildings or power lines.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting a tree can have huge results by just removing several of the lower canopy branches.  Reasons for doing this generally include allowing more light into an area, keeping the branches away from buildings or to make it easier for people to walk beneath the tree.

Crown Lifting BeforeCrown Lifting After
Deadwood Cleaning

Dead Wood / Cleaning

As trees get older or have not been tendered to, the chance of the canopy containing dead and hazardous branches is high(depending upon the species).  By removing dead wood it eliminates the risk of anything underneath whether that be you or your prize patio furniture.

Garden Maintenance

We also have a great garden maintenance service. We have many regular customers who require our hedge cutting services in the local area. Whether you require a little privet hedge cutting back or have a 40ft long conifer hedge which needs reducing we cover it all.

On occasions where maybe you want to just start completely from scratch, we have site clearance service, this can have dramatic change in your garden and leave you with a blank canvas to do whatever you like with.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a quick and effective method of removing unwanted tree stumps, where maybe a new fence or patio is to be installed. Or whether it’s just unsightly.

Stump Grinding is the last stage of complete tree removal. It can be done anytime of the year. The majority of stumps will require specialist stump grinding equipment. We have stump grinding machines which will tackle any size stump and will fit into 99% of gardens.


We sell seasoned logs which are air dried for a minimum of twelve months, one of aims is to provide the highest quality firewood.

All our Firewood is recycled from our tree surgery business. More than 50% of firewood sold in the UK comes from abroad, Moving long distances.Why not keep it local and sustainable. Buy it Where you burn it.

All the logs we sell are ideal for log Burning stoves, open fires and those summer night chimeneas. All logs are cut to approximately 8-10 inches and Delivered to your door for free. Enquire for further information.

Firewood Services

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